ABout The
vibe ride

TheVibeRide is a 6 seater golf cart that will set whatever vibe your group or family wants to set while in town on vacation. As a local you can just want to switch things up. If you’re from out of town and don’t know where to go or what to do, it doesn’t matter because you can go anywhere or do whatever you want. Strap your boards to the roof rack and you can go by the beach and river. Or just bounce around town and visit all the shops and restaurants. Stock up the Yetti cooler and throw on the removable “32 TV. Entertain the kids while you grill up some lunch for the day on the removable grill. Finish off the day by turn some heads at night with the light show from the LED light system.

we love our community.

togehter everyone achieves more

Our passion for helping others drives us. The Vibe Ride is committed to giving back to  Beach community through various channels and partnerships. 

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